Meteor scatter detection report

Created with Echoes Data Browser release 0.1.80


Radio meteor reception report produced by station BENDER, located in Italy, Treviglio
on days between 2024-06-01 and 2024-06-12, generated with the Echoes Data Browser program.

A total of 7393 events have been received.

The tables that can be recalled through the side menu Tables include
the chronological of the events with the related details and counts,
which are represented with different time resolutions or daily by classification.
The counts reported regard only the events satisfying the class filters set when
this report has been generated. These filters are reported above each table.

In addition to the tables mentioned above - which are automatically generated by the program - this
report includes a set of screens, graphs and tables that have been exported manually
by the operator. This set is divided into two galleries, depending if they
concern individuals events or statistical counts.

Regarding the latter, keep in mind that exports can have been done in any previous
moment before the report generation, so they could have been generated with different filters applied.
For this reason, their comments always include the related filter settings.

Daily Summary plot

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