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Binary packages

Windows platform

Echoes installers are available for

A prerequisite for installation is the presence of the WinUSB.dll driver library. Such libraries are available at Zadig into a nice installer. So, when Zadig installer asks which DLL should be installed, please select WinUSB.dll.

How stated in Introduction, currently Echoes don't need Pothosware's DLLs to be installed on your computer, as a subset of them is bundled into the package.

When the Echoes installer finds another version of the program on your computer, it prompts the user for automatic removal. This prompt in fact does not take in count the program version, so a downgrade is still possible in case a newer version doesn't work as expected.

After old package removal, the installation of the new one proceeds. This process produces a log file echoes-install.log that is saved in the user's documents directory, to be analyzed in case of install / uninstall failures.

Now, take a look into C:\program files\GABB\echoes or any other path you decided to install the program, and you'll find the utility SoapySDRUtil.exe. Plug your SDR to the computer and run

Its output should resemble this:


The Available factories are the SDR devices supported by Echoes. Your output should be less cluttered; on my laptop, the Soapy libraries are located in the source tree too, and I use D: drive for development.

Linux platforms

Thanks to OBS, Echoes is available on SourceForge as binary packages for many distributions:

So, once downloaded, a package can be installed through the facilities provided by your distro to install binary packages (rpm, dpkg, pacman etc.).

Due to SoapySDR adoption,the list of packages Echoes depends on has grown. These packages must be installed before Echoes, to prevent installation issues:

  1. SoapySDR library
  2. Soapy support libraries for the SDRs Echoes should recognize. These libraries in turn will have their own dependencies.
  3. liquidSDR library (1.3.2-July 2020 or newer – older versions miss the rresamp module needed by Echoes).
  4. Qt5 (version 5, release 6 or newer - the higher, the better) including QtCharts and QtMultimedia.
  5. pulseaudio or sox
  6. GNUplot (optional)

For Linux users who have troubles in finding SoapySDR in version 0.8 and / or the support libraries for their SDR, I recommend my repository on OBS where you can find binary packages for all distributions for which Echoes 0.50 is available:


The program sources are available as tarball or packetized as source rpm.

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